Which Video Games are best for L2 Learning?

Today’s post is not about whether or not video games can help you learn a second language – anything which contains words, be they written or spoken, can theoretically help you learn. Instead, we’re going to take a short look at what kind of games are best for language learning.  There are two basic categories: … Continue reading

Massive Vocab Building

A few days ago, I got this excellent question from Mat Fay Long: Is there any learning trick where a small investment of time can have a big enough learning payoff? I was thinking that on the subway I can either read learning materials in Cantonese or listen to lessons/music on my iPod. Learning books … Continue reading

The Input Hypothesis and Its Flaws #3

This is the third post in a three part series: The Input Hypothesis and The Input Hypothesis 2 are still kicking around.  They ain’t going anywhere.  :) Today’s post is a short follow-up to two posts I wrote a long while back.  Basically, my premise was to happily include speaking as part of your language … Continue reading

Chunking – Your New Best Friend

Chunking.  Looks like the name of a Chinese kungfuist from Tekken IV, huh? But no.  Chunking is the process of breaking up information into chunks. Essentially: unless you understand what they’re made up of, large pieces of information are hard to process and memorise. For example: I added the following Mandarin sentence to Anki: 電視螢幕因天線接收不良而模糊不清。 … Continue reading