TMJ Retirement

Learning Cantonese, and later Mandarin, over the last 5 years has been a wonderful experience, which has opened the door to a completely different world which I would otherwise never have experienced. During that time, I have somewhat sporadically written about some of the stuff that I have been trying, especially about different ways of … Continue reading

Final Thoughts on Learning Chinese

Firstly: this post is final because it is the conclusion to all of the posts on TMJ on the subject of learning Chinese. There is nothing else important to say. Secondly, I apologize in advance, because this post is just a teensy bit negative for those who would like to both speak Cantonese and use … Continue reading

A Cantonese Song that you MUST Know

海闊天空 by Beyond is a song which everyone – literally everyone – in Hong Kong and Guangzhou knows by heart. Indeed, even people I know from other parts of China can sing the chorus, too. It crops up every time we go to sing karaeoke. The strangest thing is, unlike most of the songs that … Continue reading

Malaysian Chinese?

A very long time ago, I tried writing a bit about Malaysian English, although I soon discovered that whilst the subject was very interesting (because of the huge amount of code-mixing that goes on there), I was not the best person to be writing about it. In fact, Malaysian Chinese is just as fascinating, and … Continue reading

Li Zhe Xiang / 李哲翔

Having been learning Cantonese and Mandarin for about 5 years now, it’s kind of ridiculous that the only writing practice I ever do is on Whatsapp and Line. Thus, I now have a new blog, 李哲翔, which is written in Standard Chinese. The focus is mostly on life in Hong Kong. The main purpose of … Continue reading