and all the girlies say I’m pretty fly… for a gwai lou

I’m learning Chinese, me.  Cantonese to be precise.  Thus far I can read and write (from memory) about 1,000 characters, and the number is going up pretty fast.  I can also kind of follow conversations now – reckon I’ve got nearly 1,000 words under my belt.

I just love the sound of the language – the tones make it melodic, and there are plenty of fun, round sounds to get the tongue around. I’m told my accent is pretty fly for a gwai lou (I like to think of it as “ghost-man”, cuz that’s how it’s written; just means Caucasian), so I don’t think that needs much more work at the moment – right now I’m lacking somewhat in vocabulary though.  My short-term goal is to get up the 3,000 words that make up 80-90% of speech, using my ear (plenty of listening to native speakers) and trusty pocket Cantonese dictionary as a guide for the most common words.

Only one way to get there though, and that’s lots and lots of hard work.


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