what’s the big deal?

I’ve had my lovely WordPress blog for all of two days now, and one of the first things I did was Google what was suggested blogging material. As it just so happens, I already knew what I wanted to write about – language and music – but I thought I’d do so anyway, just in case.

What struck me about the recommendations I found was that it was taken as read that a blogger was writing to make money. This seemed to a key aspect of making a decision on the topic to write about. Furthermore, another thing that struck me was that it was also taken for granted that each blog should only be about one thing, and in one style. Now, whilst I can see why this would be a good idea (readers are less likely to be interested in any two given topics as opposed to just one), I think it makes the whole concept more boring. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life.

In any case, in the blogs I follow, the topic band tends to be broad. All Japanese All The Time began by covering just learning Japanese (would you Adam and Eve it), but now the topic base has shifted to learning in general (not to mention thinly disguised personal development). I have more than one interest in life, and my philosophies and strategies can be generalised all of them. The line is blurred too between writing about oneself and about a topic. A newspaper, whilst always dealing with news does not focus on a single subject; a good author does not write a book about a one-dimensional character. People are lauded for having many interests and skills, so isn’t it dull to just write about one thing?

Update: Although I had second thoughts on the matter (on the grounds that newspapers and magazines don’t lump everything into just one section), I can’t be bothered to keep two blogs anymore – Soulreever was feeling deeply unloved – so I merged  it into Thousand Mile Journey.  I’m sure the occasional off-topic post won’t hurt 😉


2 thoughts on “what’s the big deal?

  1. Write about what interests you, when it does so. If you have a legitimate passion for something, it will be reflected in your words and rub off onto others.

    Unless you’re writing about furries. In which case a very different kind of “rubbing off” will ensue. *rimshot*

    • Thou sayest sooth. I guess the best and more prolific authors must only write about what really inspires them, or they would cease to do so pretty sharpish.

      And I *always* enjoy rubbing off on furries. Meow. *extends fingers in a claw-like fashion*

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