spring has sprung – and it’s about time too

I don’t know about anyone else, but personally I can’t stand winter.  It’s cold, there’s not very much sun, and it snows far more than I care for.  The snow is pretty for a grand total of about three hours, and then it becomes a nuisance – making trouser ends wet and causing not-so-hilarious slip-ups.  Wake up late?  Sorry Jim, that’s a sizeable portion of your daylight hours gone, and they ain’t coming back.

I have no problem with any other season of the year; even when it rains in spring or summer I don’t mind, since it makes a soothing sound, drumming against the windows and roof.  Warm but breezy days are best – I love sitting indoors with the windows open to the world.  Sure, they’re also open to insects, but that’s a small price to pay – and I have a flyswatter ready with a nice, long, notchable handle 😉

Actually, that brings me onto something else I don’t like about winter – it’s difficult to air the house because it’s so cold outside.  I don’t like living in a stuffy room; but the alternative is freeze awhile each day instead.  It’s a choice no man should have to make – all which makes me wonder just why anyone would want to live in a country that’s a pain to live in half the year round.  There are plenty of people living in Scotland and Russia (and further north than that), but I can’t think what drove people there in the first place.  There’s good reason why they shouldn’t have.

Occupying regions in which the climates is too cold for humans is detrimental to the environment – specifically, resources are wasted in huge quantities just keeping ourselves warm.  I’m no eco-freak, but it seems to me that it cheaper resource-wise if everyone lived nearer the equator.  No other animal species spreads itself over the entire planet; many animals and birds migrate in accordance with the seasons.  Why do we as humans try and inhabit every part of the globe?  To prove ourselves?  Or to get away from each other?

Whatever the reason is, I can’t wait to move to a country where the word “winter” hasn’t been heard of.


2 thoughts on “spring has sprung – and it’s about time too

  1. My dear, even if we go to a warm country, the word ‘winter’ would surely have cropped up before. People over in warm country would love to come over to experience the cold rather than being sweaty all day long. Here, I think you are not generalising your observations. Who knows, people living here likes the cold. It might just be us few who hate it. Right?

  2. Haha, you’re probably right. I only wrote it because of the number of people I’d talked to who’d complained about the cold 😉 secretly, I think everyone wants to move to Spain.

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