I don’t want to see Ava-flipping-tar!

You know what?  I have a short attention span.  Short enough to be unable to sit through a film that’s more than two hours long anyway.  That’s a long period of time to be sitting in one spot staring at a screen.

Come to that, I don’t really like cinemas in general.  There’s no luxury of a pause button to get snacks/go to the bathroom, and there are lots of other people making noise.  Also, the cost of a ticket nowadays (to watch once) is on a par with the cost of a DVD (to watch as many times as you like).  Not my idea of a party, sister.  Home-cinema beats cinema-cinema hands down.

It’s almost tolerable though if the feature is curtailed early, and as such, I’d like to suggest a new motion – a mandatory cap on film length.  Perhaps a 90 minute maximum; 100 if express written permission is obtained from some reputable critic who deems it necessary[1].  With film, it really is about quality, not quantity, and there are plenty of movies out there that drag out the proceedings needlessly.  There are certain masterpieces of longer cinema that engage the audience for their entire duration, but they are few and far between.

With all this is mind, I have no desire to watch Avatar right now.  I’ve seen bits of other James Cameron films, and I wasn’t particularly enthralled with them.  Yes, probably I’ll kind of half-watch it in half a year when it comes out on DVD, and I might even enjoy it – but for now, I’m not going to bother.

Oh, and about the 3D – nothing special.  I’ve been watching things in 3D for years, and can do any time I like.  It’s called “real life”, and I don’t have to wear special glasses to be able to enjoy it.

[1] Me, for example.


6 thoughts on “I don’t want to see Ava-flipping-tar!

  1. Are you hinting that you would not want to bring me out for movies??? Hmmp!!! I don’t care, you are going to watch some of the movies that I am interested in watching!!! xoxo

    • No no no no – I’m just hinting that I don’t want to take you out for long movies. Besides, that way there’s more time for me to talk to you – that’s a good thing, right? :p

    • Naw, I think you’ll find that there are short-but-sweet films out there – it just takes a bit of work in finding them! Grave of the Fireflies is exactly 90 minutes – no pointing drawing the plot out, it’s focussed brilliance the whole way.

  2. Haha. One word to describe you, STUBBORN! But, I still love you very much. But, can we watch Alice in Wonderland?? xoxo

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