music to my ears

Short post – just a few songs I like 🙂 First is LMF rapping in Cantonese live; second is Soler, singing in Mandarin; last is My Favourite Things by John Coltrane (flute included, to my surprise – different to the studio recording).

Rap is a useful tool for learning Cantonese, since it tends to use colloquial language – unlike most other Cantonese songs which are rooted in written Chinese.  I’ve also started learning a little Mandarin lately, partly to understand standard Chinese grammar better – more on that some other time.  The last song is, I feel, genius – a great example of a catchy, well-fleshed-out melody with some inspired improvisation.  Hope you like them 😉

LMF – Debt

Soler – 陌生人 (Stranger)

John Coltrane – My Favourite Things


3 thoughts on “music to my ears

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