I remember reading Dr Piotr Wozniak (Supermemo creator) suggesting that doing some exercise was a really good way of improving absorption of new information and recall of old. It wasn’t the first time I saw the idea, and it seemed pretty plausible – there have been waaaay too many times where I’ve found myself sat at my desk all day, managing no more than watching Gorillaz videos on Youtube whilst browsing the news/hilarious blogs. Other days, when I needed to go to work though (a ten-mile round trip by bike), I tended to get a lot more work done when I got back.

Now, I tend to be a lazy cyclist – it’s far too easy to get up a decent speed and then coast for a while, rinsing and repeating as required. Whilst this makes for an awesome way to get around, it’s harder to turn into proper exercise without going too fast.[1] So, I figured I’d go running instead.

I say running – right now, that’s an unduly charitable description. It’s more like jogging, really. Fast walking? Unfortunately, my body has taken an aversion to the latest turn on events that have beset it. It’s started off like this: “Hey, I thought we had an agreement? You [brain] didn’t want to do exercise, and I got to do sweet sod all! What gives?!” A couple of weeks down the line and it’s changed its tune a little: “Man, we live in a society of free trade. Can’t we just, like, pay someone else to exercise for us? That’ll work, right?”. There may be more stages yet to come.

Anyway, it’s been fine from a Cantonese/saxophone point of view – it’s a good opportunity to really listen to music. So far (over the first four or five times of getting out) I’ve been able to buckle down to a lot more work on getting back home. A tentative success methinks – but it’s probably too early to tell… I think the main thing is that despite the continual and unignorable protest from my body, I don’t completely hate it (yet) 😀

Update: I think the article with Dr. Wozniak was this one – not sure though, doesn’t seem quite as I remember it…

[1] Funny story – I was whizzing down a hill at 30mph the once, and decided it would be a good time to let hands and handlebars part company.  Then, I went one better and took my feet off the pedals.  Then, I slipped off the front of the saddle and had an unfortunate and altogether unwelcome meeting with tarmac; now I have a permanent aversion to high speeds…[2]

[2] But that still doesn’t make me wear a helmet. Yes, I’m a complete dingbat.


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