happy world environment day!

…for apparently, that is what today is (was).  It’s similar to Earth Day, and the slogan this year is “Many Species. One Planet. One Future”.  Presumably then, the organisers know that a third of the Earth’s plants and animals are now at risk of extinction thanks to human destruction.

Anyway, anything that gets people thinking about the planet (or perhaps more pertinently the future of the human race) can only be a good thing – don’t forget that we do only have only planet to live on, and that we only have one planet’s worth of resources to exploit.

With that in mind, I don’t think an Environment Day goes far enough.  It’s all too easy to be environmentally conscious for 24 hours – perhaps cycling rather than driving to work for the day – but it’s not going to help all that much if you go back to the car again tomorrow.  An Enviroment Week, or Month, or Year, or Lifetime might be better.

Still, one step at a time, eh?  “Journey of a Thousand Miles” and all that…


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