thousand mile journey

I know I’ve drifted away from writing specifically about language and music recently; it’s mostly because there are only a finite number of things to say on the subject of how best to learn a language or an instrument (at least not without extensive plagiarisation).

First thing’s first – I will keep doing posts on language and music – but perhaps not in quite the same way.  On the Cantonese front, amongst other things, I figured it might be nice to review and/or share some films, music and TVB shows, just in case anyone’s stuck for entertainment.  I might also do a post on typing using Cangjie if anyone’s interested (took a while to figure out, and so will probably also take a long time to write up!).  For music… there’s not much I can say that can top the tips on Neil’s blog, so I’m not going to try too hard 😉 (although I’m not going to ditch writing about the sax altogether!).

What I do want to write about more is learning in general – especially on things like education for the masses, its role in modern society, and how it might be improved.  This may necessarily overlap with other things less related to learning, but I’ll try not to drift too far off-topic!

Finally: thanks for reading, commenting here and writing other fine blogs!  I’ve learnt a lot while keeping this blog from other people (that I wouldn’t have otherwise) – I think it’s great that blogging is a two-way process 🙂

– Eldon


4 thoughts on “thousand mile journey

  1. haha, good to see you’re writing again. Thanks for the kind words about my site.

    I really liked the post about being a barber with Ernie and Bert. I’ve known a couple people who call themselves ‘drummers’ since they have historically played the drums and own a drum set. But I think it’s shenanigans if you don’t actually play them.

    The movies idea could be cool. I saw a couple on music – ‘it might get loud’, ‘throw down your heart’ and ‘soul power’ they were pretty good.

    I’m sure movies in Cantonese could help with language. We used to watch movies in Spanish class, although that was in high school so it wasn’t as effective in some of those classes as it might have been for more motivated eyes.

    AllJapaneseAlltheTime has been cool for me to check out, even though I don’t plan on learning Japanese. It seems like it applies to all languages including music.

  2. Your roadmap sounds pretty rad!

    I’m especially looking forward to the posts on education. A lot of your posts on The Learning Process have been good reads, and I suspect you’ll have equally much to say about the role of education in society, etc.

    Now equipped with a more positive attitude about learning and Anki, I find myself looking back on my high school days (and uni, to an extent) and fantasizing about all the things I *could* have learned during that time.

    I suspect I could have condensed my compulsory study time so significantly that I would have had time to, for example, learn Japanese on my own.

    Anyways, looking back never got anyone anywhere. But looking at the current educational system (at least in the ‘States) I see people suffering through exactly what I did, and I wonder why it can’t be much, much better.

    Great job on the blog to this point!


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  4. Neal – I know what you mean about drummers. Drum and guitar owners, for some reason. Wonder why? Maybe they’re less likely to feel they need lessons? I’ve heard of “it might get loud” but not seen it yet – I’ll try and rent a copy! Glad AJATT was helpful – hope the Sinhala goes well 🙂

    Eric – it’s sooo easy to look back and think “man, I really wasted 20 years of my life, didn’t I” (in the worst case) – but as you say, it’s best to look ahead. I think the positive attitude to learning is the real key though, and the trick is to bring that out in current school students (one way or another)!

    Thanks to you both 🙂

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