Guide to Manglish/TMJ Update

I had a puncture three days ago.  I was six or seven miles from my house, it was 8pm (so no bike shops open) and it was raining torrentially.

Walking back gave me a lot of time to think (two hours, in fact) – I kinda realised that all this writing (in English) was just a way of procrastinating from other tasks.  I’ve started timing how long writing each post takes up too – it’s more than I thought and it’s time I could more productively spend learning Cantonese.

So for starters, no procrastinating Guide to Manglish – at least not for a while – and that’s just fine.  I might do a post on it in here once in a while though.  Thousand Mile Journey?  Also ripe for a scale-back.  Maybe a post a fortnight or something.

At least I’ll have more to say when I write about my Cantonese progress 😉


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