Piano Fundamentals

Super quick note – Lan’dorien brought Piano Fundamentals to my attention the other day – I’ve now had a chance to read through it, and it is really interesting.  The basic premise is that one can learn the piano (and presumably any other instrument) 1000 times faster than using “traditional” methods – for example, by optimising the precise number and speed of repetitions.  I don’t think I’d learn 1000 times faster – I already do some of the things the author describes (knowing when to take breaks, for example) – but there’s definitely scope for improvement!

I think it’s really exciting because finally – finally – humans (as a species) are capable enough to figure out what factors in in language and music acquisition and tweak the numbers until they’re optimised (see SRSs, for example).  Historically this kind of approach has been reserved for mechanical and engineering feats – tinkering with materials and angles and whatnot until we can build the fastest car, for example – but now it’s being applied to the brain.

Anyway, go and read Piano Fundamentals because (if nothing else) it’s really interesting to compare language and music learning.  If you’re a musician, you may learn a lot.

– E


2 thoughts on “Piano Fundamentals

  1. Glad you liked it 🙂 All the years I was learning piano, none of my teachers ever really taught me how to do what one spends most of the time doing – practicing! I found this book shortly after I switched to classical guitar, and it really made a big difference to my progress.

    • Haha, yeah, same here. I think the last saxophone teacher I had did explain about practising the same bars over and over again, but that was about it. It’s great that it improved your guitar playing 😀

      I think it’s strange how (in general) schools and teachers never teach how to learn or practice. Great students are usually just the ones who’ve figured out the best ways of studying. It’s a shame.

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