Progress #4

Haha!  This listening-a-lot-and-looking-up-words malarkey is working a treat!  I passed a real milestone a couple of days ago: I was listening to an RTHK podcast (one that I hadn’t heard before) and managed to figure out the rough gist of what they were talking about!  First time!  So here’s what I gleaned…

It was a call in show; it transpired that the girlfriend of the guy ringing in had moved to England and was playing around with other men.  Her boyfriend was understandably upset, but didn’t really want to break up with her.  One of the presenters said “I’d never have another long distance relationship” and then changed her mind shortly after saying “it depends”.  The conclusion (I think) was that he should probably not keep going on with it.

Anyway, I’m really happy because I’m really starting to move into partial/full comprehension more and more frequently.  Sometimes there’s a drought of understanding (usually because I haven’t learned a set of vocabulary yet), and sometimes I can get most of what’s being said.

So yeah.  Yay for me.  Stop reading this and start doing something else in Cantonese.


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