Another Milestone: Written Conversation

I reached another milestone yesterday: I had a complete conversation with a friend in Cantonese on Facebook. Characters and all. And, I understood 90% of what she wrote without having to recourse to a dictionary. Ergo, I’ve passed that threshold of knowing the 20% of words in a language that let you understand 80% of speech.

She managed to figure out what I was saying too – not sure it was 100% correct, of course, but I conveyed what I wanted to say understandably.

Personally, I’m really happy. I could comfortably read what she wrote and reply reasonably quickly (Microsoft Cangjie is IMHO decidedly inferior to Linux Cangjie, and it slowed my typing down considerably). I still had to CantoDict some words I could read but not write, but there are fortunately fewer and fewer of those.

And now… back to the grindstone!


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