Mission Update

Part of my mission is to find a job in Hong Kong within the next 11 months; there are bonus points if it’s not simply teaching English.

Anyway, because my friends are awesome I have a provisional interview for a job, so I’m going to be flying over to Hong Kong for that in about a month’s time. If nothing else, it’ll be a nice holiday for a week (eating proper food) and it’ll be an opportunity to make sure HK is really where I want to go!

I don’t really want to say anything else about it right now just in case it doesn’t work out (and who knows, it might not), but personally I’m really excited.


6 thoughts on “Mission Update

  1. おめでとう!

    I would like to selfishly request a brief rundown of how radical HK is, after you return. I haven’t been there myself, but would love to check it out one of these days.

  2. Hey Eldon,
    Sounds like a cool trip. I have only gone through the Hong Kong airport myself, but it seemed like venturing outside the grounds would have been cool. What kind of job do you think you might get there?

  3. Hey Neal,
    Generally I’ve been applying for office jobs, although really I’d like to go into teaching at some point, so something that would enhance that kind of application would obviously be best.

    I also have alternative backup schemes in mind including (but not limited to) translation and copywriting work for businesses. (I already have a lot of experience as a copywriter.) It remains to be seen how entertaining it would be in the long term though…

    My loftiest goal though would be to teach something other than English abroad – y’know, as a proper profesh teacher. Maths or physics, perhaps. Just to see if it’s possible.
    – E

  4. Eldon 加油! 唔好話你啦,我自己都忙都死啦! 時間用黎搞《廣東一路發》都少到不得了! 不過我仲未放棄! 見到你甘勤力學粵語我都唔放棄。 希望你將來喺香港搵到工可以有一日面對面多謝你支持我。 :) 一路祝你幸運!

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