Cangjie Guide/Poll

Fist of all, many thanks to Ben for his probing questions on what I’m proposing regarding a Cangjie course.  It turns out there’s already an English-language book teaching this (which I had hitherto not discovered), but… it’s $35. Also, it includes Mandarin pronunciations throughout and (after some investigation) I think that the ordering used is sub-optimal.  Too many new shapes introduced too fast, I feel.

However, given that a book already exists, I’m happy to just alter the Anki deck I created for Cangjie learning and upload it free of charge (since it’s unlikely to take a lot of time to put together).  This won’t feature anything more than Hanzi, code and ordering though.

Alternatively, I could spend more time on the project and come up with a proper e-book that takes you through everything you’d need to type as quickly as possible, resplendent with exercises, wit and a more well-thought out SRS deck.  This would nominally cost $15.

Benefits, as before:

  • Look up words from books or subtitles that you don’t know how to pronounce
  • Production practice for characters (almost as good as writing)
  • Avoids PinYin or Jyutping input reliance (the former being pointless for Cantonese, the latter being non-standard)
  • Lets you type significantly faster and with more precision than other point-and-click Chinese input methods

So, there’s a new poll below if you could spend a couple more seconds just picking an answer.

By the way – personally, I like to freeride wherever possible.  The fact that I figured out how to type without spending any money whatsoever is testament to that.  As such, I have no problem providing stuff for free because ultimately it’s the kind of thing I’d like to find on the Internet… although at the same time, it’d be nice to cover costs of any more substantial projects.  I’ll do whatever the peoples want 😉


3 thoughts on “Cangjie Guide/Poll

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  2. Make it cheapter – $7 or so – and you’ve got a deal. $15 is substantial enough for me to realize that I don’t really need it, and/or can learn it by myself 🙂

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