B to the A to the… nana!

I’m not sure how politically correct the term is, but certainly in Malaysia (and maybe other places too) a Chinese who either can’t speak or read Chinese is called a banana – yellow on the outside, white on the inside[1]. That’s exactly what this upbeat rap by Malaysian Emcee Point Blanc is about:

FYI, the Malaysian Cantonese term for banana is gong ziu, which is different to the HK Cantonese term hoeng ziu. I think it’s interesting how even communication we class as dialects (i.e. Cantonese) will schism if speakers are geographically separated to create dialects of dialects.

Banana lyrics below, courtesy of this site.

* B To The A To The Nana
我公蕉一條 講中文俾人笑
B To The A To The Nana
出邊黃入邊白 一句中文都唔明白
B To The A To The Nana
我公蕉一條 睇中文嘴藐藐
B To The A To The Nana
出邊黃入邊白 Yo My Mandarin Sucks

我生出來黃皮膚 眼珠仲黑到笠笠令
但系中文一句都唔識 唔識寫又唔識聽
頂 醒一醒 嬲我似想摞我命
Don’t Hate On Me Cause I Speak Good English For A Chinaman

So 咪咁鬼老土
用下腦 我同你同渠一樣咁高 我冇諗過自己好風騷
世界唔系圍住我來轉 唔好以為我識英文就好鬼串

講到溝女來 咁就另外一回事
Jessie Tracy Stacy 識D 英文 溝女 認真 Easy
Busy Call 女 Call 足廿四小時
傾計傾到電話燒著都左當冇事 D女話我本事
我 English Speaking 加埋我准時
絕對冇吹水 繼續聽我故事
全世界叫我蕉仔 What That’s Me

Repeat *

其實 我都唔系你諗到咁鬼醒
追親講中文的靚女渠問我 你到底行不行
我不會講華語 But I Sure Can Sing
Chinaman MC 看我的 Bling Bling

台灣 你D錢我想賺
但系 中文一句都唔識就真系有D煩
煩 到我想即刻去上中文班
難度高過喜馬來亞山 我都未嚇親
出來個個當神 睇到我一個二個全部四圍兩頭忐

醒番 夢想梗系想渠成真
認真 系我態度 學中文要好鬼勤

蕉仔 冇蝕底梗會上位
揸到 Mic 我地就巴巴閉閉
I’m So Fly So High 你地當我神咁拜
中西合璧 Hip Hop 就我地玩晒

以為 Hip Hop 呢家野淨系你班蕉仔玩晒
夠姜就摞支 Mic 行過來同我一齊砌一砌

Repeat *

心地善良浪漫又會打牌 樣樣懂馬屁卻不會拍
有性格就是帥 當自己 最自在

Repeat *

[1] This is quoted verbatim from actual, genuine Chinese Malaysians. Also, the equivalent term for Malaysian Malaysians who can’t speak/read Malay is “coconut”, with much the same reasoning behind it as “banana”.


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