I’m Not Dead!

…but clearly I haven’t been writing very much either recently – I have semi-purposefully neglected to get the Internet at the place where I’m staying in Hong Kong. This has been a real boost for my Cantonese inasmuch as there are now waaaaaay fewer ways for me to get distracted. Blog writing (in English) and blog reading (in English) then is classed as a distraction.

Whilst in my Internet-free bubble though, I’ve nearly finished the Anki deck I was working on and I’ll be uploading it sometime soon – it’s built off of the 3500-character Taiwan deck, and now includes Cantonese pronunciations for each character as well as their Cangjie codes. Furthermore, in general, elements of the character are also searchable: for example, you could find 漸 by typing 水十十中, or 水, or 十田十, or even 竹一中 (corresponding to the water, car and axe elements respectively).

Each character has multiple keywords, of which one will be in bold type, which I feel overcomes a problem of Heisig’s one-keyword method (inasmuch as the actual meaning of the character is more clear).

Anyway, I’m having a pretty good time in Hong Kong and there’s plenty to write about… maybe I’ll start writing properly again at some point if I get a bit more time.

In the meantime then… best of luck to everyone else studying hard! Gambatte!


4 thoughts on “I’m Not Dead!

  1. Hi Eldon,
    Nice to see you are back. How are things in HK? I’ve got a quick question for you. I’m currently going through Heisig’s RTH Book 1. I’ll be finished with it soon. I wrote Mr. Heisig and asked him about Book 2. He said he hoped to “finish” it by the summer. Well, that could mean another year before it’s published.

    My question: What would you recommend me study after book 1?

    • Hey James,

      Eldon says: sod the RTH and just start reading. It should be okay just to pick up the other 2500-odd useful characters as you go – you’ll start to notice the phonetic/meaning relationships pretty soon, especially since now you know 1500 or so. This is essentially what I’ve resorted to doing recently and it’s worked out well.

      Sorry for replying so late!


    • Hey Neal,

      The music scene is… varied. Loacl pop music is generally pretty terrible (I think) but there are jazz bars and orchestral events to be found as well… actually it’s something need to look into more. I’ll get back once I’ve done some proper investigation!


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