Going Monolingual

So I just created a total headache for myself. I jumped out of the frying pan (relying on a Chinese-to-English roll-over dictionary) and into the fire (trying to only use Chinese definitions).

Anyway, cards full of definitions and recursive definitions have already cropped up throughout my deck. I’ve preliminarily set a cut-off point of two levels: at the point where I need definitions to understand definitions, I’ve arbitrarily deemed it okay to recourse to English.

And why has it taken so long to go monolingual? Because 1) I’ve mostly been focused on learning characters recently and so it’s been faster to use English translations, 2) because I’ve only recently had consistent access to the Internet and 3) because I have yet to install the complete Cantonese-English dictionary on my shiny new netbook.

Regarding the third point: a problem I haven’t done much to solve until recently has been being over-reliant on Canto-English rollovers. I’ve been adding extra definitions to about one card in three, even ones that were mature, where I’d be quite sure of the meaning of a word and then rollover to check; I’d then mark the card as okay, even if I needed to spend a little more time investigating the new vocabulary.

Anyway, I’ll see how fast the headache gets better with time. Anyone else found themselves overly reliant on English definitions?


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