Character Deck Finally Uploaded

Way back in January I posted this to Thousand Mile Journey:

Whilst in my Internet-free bubble though, I’ve nearly finished the Anki deck I was working on and I’ll be uploading it sometime soon – it’s built off of the 3500-character Taiwan deck, and now includes Cantonese pronunciations for each character as well as their Cangjie codes. Furthermore, in general, elements of the character are also searchable: for example, you could find 漸 by typing 水十十中, or 水, or 十田十, or even 竹一中 (corresponding to the water, car and axe elements respectively).

Each character has multiple keywords, of which one will be in bold type, which I feel overcomes a problem of Heisig’s one-keyword method (inasmuch as the actual meaning of the character is more clear).

How rash of me to make such a dumb, easily broken promise! “Sometime soon” eh? By what measure? It’s almost like Jesus saying “I’ll be back this generation, folks!” and failing to return for the next two thousand years.

But, I’m one up on Jesus now because the deck is actually there, and you should now be able to download it. Just go to the “shared decks” option in Anki to do so. It’s called “Taiwan Grades 1-8 w/Cantonese Jyutping and Cangjie Codes” – snappy, right?

Peace out!


4 thoughts on “Character Deck Finally Uploaded

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