Studying Now…

Currently I have eight active Anki decks, plus one (the Hanzi deck) used for reference.  I guess it might be interesting for comparison’s sake to post summaries of them here… enjoy 🙂


Written Chinese: the big-ass L2iR deck, full of written Chinese.  Just hit 2000 cards with this one.

Cantonese: mostly the Yip/Matthews deck, but with a few additions from snippets of written-down Cantonese I’ve come across.  Also in excess of 2000 cards.

Mandarin: Almost unused.  Haven’t really been bothered with Mandarin apart from songs…

Cantopop: A deck devoted to learning song lyrics, using L2iR. Most of the songs are Cantonese, but I’ve had success learning Mandarin songs too. I intend to add French and Japanese songs too when I feel like learning them.  About 600 cards in this one.

French: L2iR for this as well. Using Google TTS with this deck, which has the helpful side effect of keeping cards short and sweet.  This was a new addition as of a couple of weeks ago and there are only about 30 cards.

Science and Maths: Started this over a year ago around the time I was finishing university, but there are fewer than 100 cards. Started adding other interesting science trivia recently. There are no restrictions on language, but most things are English (that being the university medium of instruction).

Personal Development: Mentioned this one last post. It’s also language agnostic. Most of the content has been centred around philosophy and religion so far, but there’s more to than that. Some recent blog posts have been written incrementally in Anki, for example, and I’ve also been using it for keeping a ‘diary’. (I think it’s actually called ‘journaling’, but I only found that out a while after I started.)  About 500 cards here.

English Lessons: I like to prepare lessons personally for my English tutees, but I found that I rarely managed to get them done before the last minute. Since Anki comes up every time I turn my netbook on I figured I could use it to write lessons. This has worked out nicely because it allows for periodic review and tweaking of lessons. More on this some other time.  About 50 cards here, so far.

Hanzi: This is the deck I uploaded a while ago. I don’t use it any more for review, but sometimes I use it for reference.  There are 3500 cards, but I only got up to 1700 or so before deciding it wasn’t the most efficient way of studying Hanzi.


Every deck has a per-session card limit of 20 cards.  This has been a perfect balance of not being too many to not want to start studying, but just enough to not waste time clicking “review”.  The only exception is the Personal Development deck – although I find it more interesting, it’s not so useful for language study so the session limit is five cards.  I try to go off to another deck after each session so as not to waste too much time.


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