How Do You Form a Habit?

Aha!  There’s a nice attention-grabbing trick I’d forgotten all about – “use a question as the post title to draw curious readers in”.

And, now that you’re suitably enticed, I’m going to float a useful-but-mundane idea that I had a while ago (predictably enough) with reference to Anki.  (And yes, I do have a possibly unhealthy obsession with it – quit reminding me!)

The idea is simply to add cards reminding oneself of how to live healthily.  Now, as a guy with no significant other or mother around to pester me into doing essential things like eating fruit or brushing my teeth twice a day, I had to find some way of remembering to do so.  (It was scurvy that finally pushed me over the line.)

I’ve added these cards to my “Personal Development” deck in English, but I could easily have written them in Chinese.  Whatever feels right for you, y’know?

Results-wise, it’s had an immediate impact.  I’ve been trialling it for a few weeks now, failing cards which I don’t achieve in everyday life, and my oral hygiene, vitamin intake and sleep pattern (amongst other things) have taken a significant turn for the better.

(Note that it’s not the fact that an SRS can be used for this kind of thing that’s important, by the way – it’s adapting the world you happen to live in to achieve goals.  My world includes use of Anki every day, making it an ideal vehicle for change, but I suspect other people manage similar results by sticking yellow notes all over the house.



2 thoughts on “How Do You Form a Habit?

  1. Hey Eldon, funny post man. That’s cool it’s working for you. For me, finding a group of people that are interested in similar goals helps with motivation. The gym I joined a little while ago has been helping me with that for fitness and nutrition.

    Interesting thought about using the SRS cards for that.

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