How much Cantonese is there on Wikipedia?

Today, current sentence excepted, there’s going to be no debatably-humourous, trying-but-failing-to-be-clever, fourth-wall, self-referential meta-introspection… apart from the following one.  I hate writing introductions.

So, getting swiftly to the point: there are some Cantonese pages on Wikipedia.  And I’m not talking about Written Chinese, I’m talking about transcribed vernacular.  I’m not going to list any, but sometimes it’s possible to guess which articles are more likely to have lots of juicy mine-able content.  You could ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • Is the article Hong Kong-centric?  (A place or a building, for example.  Ocean Park?  Central?  Sai Kung?)
  • Is the article about someone famous in Hong Kong?  (Sometimes this turns up useful hits.  Note that they don’t necessarily have to have been born there.  [Soler.])
  • Is the article about some aspect of Chinese culture?  (ChopsticksWonton?  Hungry ghosts?)

There are other articles out there with non-zero Cantonese content too – one I came across recently, for some reason, is koalas.  (Side-question – why do Mandarin and Cantonese have different words for an animal that lives nowhere near China or Hong Kong?)

Experimentation, as always, is key 🙂


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