Little Things? Big Deal…

I’m learning French now, as well as Cantonese. It gives me a nice excuse to once again pick up my Nintendo games and nostalge*. So, I’ve been using Google liberally in my quest for understanding the finer points of French grammar that were never satisfactorily explained at school, and today I came across this gem:

The French adverbial pronoun en is so tiny that one might think its role in a sentence is not very important, but in fact quite the opposite is true. It is extremely important in French.

I myself suck at introducing pages, but this is easily the dumbest thing I’ve read all week**.


Really guys, really. The tiny things are the useful things because they’re used a lot, and most people can’t be arsed to repeat the same long-winded way of saying something over and over again. It grates. If it’s too long, people shorten it.

I mean, sheez, if that’s why the schoolteachers were incapable of teaching French to me as a student (“aww, he doesn’t need to know the “little words”, they’re just not helpful”) then I think I might shoot myself now out of sheer depression.


* A verb form of “nostalgia” I just made up. Please do not adjust your sets.

** In reference to language, anyway. Been reading a lot about Republicans and riots too which are just a whole ‘nother ball game.


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