Unfinished Business

I hate loose ends, so I just deleted my two other blogs: Cantonese Language and Guide to Manglish.  Neither of them were going anywhere, so I don’t think it’s a great loss.  On the off-chance you were looking for them, you’ll now know where they’ve gone.

I want to/intend to create more learning materials for Cantonese in the future, but I don’t have the time at the moment.  (Plus, my Cantonese isn’t… well-established enough yet to create a really useful course, although I have a comprehensive method mapped out mentally.  It [my Canto] needs to metaphorically boil a while longer before being safe for metaphorical consumption.)

In other news: my 書面語 Anki deck tells me I can now read 2705 Hanzi (Cantonese pronunciations]; my 國語 deck says I can read 844 Hanzi using Mandarin pronunciations.  These numbers are underestimates of what I actually know because 1) 廣東語 and songs are separated into separate decks (and so characters learnt there are not included) and 2) I don’t add every single character I learn to an Anki deck – but every day brings me a little closer to no longer having to constantly trawl through dictionaries.




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