Adult Learner, Kiddie Textbooks

Although there aren’t actually any textbooks that teach Cantonese to Hong Kong students, there are a lot that teach Standard Chinese.

A few months ago, I got 詞彙寶庫及寫作練習 for 小一, published by Pearson.  Unlike TV shows or manga, it’s designed to teach you to improve your Chinese reading and writing skills – and of course, it’s all in Chinese.  A possible downside is that it might not be as interesting as TV or manga, but I’ve definitely found working through it slowly to be a part of a healthy balanced diet.

What textbooks can you get for your language?


ISBN 978-988-00-3532-6

(One of my favourite things about this book is that it includes some exercises that work on ‘grammar’, which is very hard to find in Chinese!)


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