Li Zhe Xiang / 李哲翔

IMG_3265Having been learning Cantonese and Mandarin for about 5 years now, it’s kind of ridiculous that the only writing practice I ever do is on Whatsapp and Line.

Thus, I now have a new blog, 李哲翔, which is written in Standard Chinese.

The focus is mostly on life in Hong Kong. The main purpose of the blog is for my own writing practice, so every post will be edited by a native.  I can’t guarantee that every post will be super-interesting, but you may like to have a look nonetheless. 🙂

Edit: Having reached 100 posts on Li Zhe Xiang, I did a review of what I was doing. Because the content was mostly personal in nature, I was making most of the posts private. Therefore, to make life simpler, the entire site is now private. Sorry! (5th March 2015)


2 thoughts on “Li Zhe Xiang / 李哲翔

  1. I’ve checked it out. It looks like it’s not bad. You put a lot of effort into all that Chinese used for describing nature I haven’t read much of for years. Brings back memories

    • Hey Conycatcher! Thanks for all the comments 😀 As with googling English synonyms, a lot of it is googling ‘形容美麗風景的成語’ and picking from the ones that I’ve seen before.


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