TMJ Retirement

九龍公園Learning Cantonese, and later Mandarin, over the last 5 years has been a wonderful experience, which has opened the door to a completely different world which I would otherwise never have experienced.

During that time, I have somewhat sporadically written about some of the stuff that I have been trying, especially about different ways of using Anki.

Retrospectively, a lot of the things that I wrote about were perhaps not as useful as I thought at the time, and I am inclined to think that I would think similarly about any future posts which I might otherwise have penned.  Because posts can be endlessly revised, blogging here in English saps away at time that could otherwise usefully be used for… learning Chinese.

TMJ will remain, though, as an archive.

Where Next?

For the foreseeable future, I will continue to blog over at Li Zhe Xiang, in Chinese.

It’s really for me to practice writing, so I’m not going to guarantee that every post is going to be super-interesting, but you might like to drop by once in a while to see what I’m learning.

As for your own language endeavors…

Don’t give up!


Edit: Having reached 100 posts on Li Zhe Xiang, I did a review of what I was doing. Because the content was mostly personal in nature, I was making most of the posts private. Therefore, to make life simpler, the entire site is now private. Sorry! (5th March 2015)


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