Immersion Environment

A few days ago, Conycatcher wrote: Being able to understand everything in a TV program is quite an accomplishment…. May I ask if as part of reaching this stage you spent a long time watching TV for several hours a day? If so about how long? …it’s hard to find time to spend lots of … Continue reading

Learning to Speak and Read Chinese

Here’s an updated summary of the stuff which has to be done actively, but which I think I got the best results from. It overlaps with the page ‘Speaking Chinese‘, but this post focuses more on reading.  Maybe you’ll find some of it useful. 🙂 Core Method (Each Day) 1.  Make a list of items … Continue reading

Private Chinese Talk Show

Update: a more concise version of this post is available here. About 18 months ago, a post entitled ‘Massive Vocab Building‘ appeared on TMJ, in response to a question by Mat Fay Long about how to improve study time. In it, I advocated working through lists of vocabulary that were related in some way – … Continue reading

Want to learn from the News in Mandarin?

Then check out TTV! The video is a piece about fake Uniqlo jackets, but you can click around and find other stuff. The particular advantages of this news site are that it includes copyable transcriptions of what’s being said, and that the presenter comes from Taiwan, so they put some emotion into what they’re saying. … Continue reading